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WSD Ladies Board

2022 - 2024

Lady Deputy K Pinson.png

Lady Karen Pinson
District Deputy
Elected 2022

02 Lady Williams.png

Lady Barbara Williams
Elected 2018

Thesesa Pettiford.jpg

Lady Theresa Pettiford
Elected 2022


Lady Evelyn Payne
Court to the Board
Court 220
Elected 2022


Lady Pamela Hunter
Vice President
Elected 2022


Lady Rachel Warner
Jr. Daughter Directress
Elected 2021


Lady Claire Cunningham
Court to the Board
Court 257
Elected 2022


Lady Cynthia Jones
Recording Secretary
Elected 2022

Peggy Goods.jpg

Lady Peggy Goods
Financial Secretary
Elected 2022

08 Lady Young.png

Lady Annalean Young
Elected 2018


Lady Carolyn Parks
Court to the Board
Court 358
Elected 2022

Joan Morris.jpg

Lady Joan Morris
Court to the Board
Court 127
Elected 2022

13 Lady Aubry.png

Lady Franz Aubry
Immediate Past President
Elected 2012

01 Lady Deputy.png

Lady Renita Lloyd-Smith
Immediate Past District Deputy
Elected 2011, Reappointed 2022

The California State Conference, Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary, was founded as a temporary organization, on May 30, 1954, at St. Patrick's Hall, Los Angeles, California.  The Conference became permanent through the authorized Western States District, on July 31, 1955, in Chicago, Illinois.

To date the Conference has had 16 District Deputies, namely Lady Maggie Porter (RIP), Lady Ellen Marie Jackson - 3 terms (RIP), Lady Thelma T. Haynes (RIP), Lady Myrtle D. Wilson (RIP), Lady Jean D. Harris, Lady Rose L. Casanave (RIP), Lady Mary L. Jackson, Lady Theresa A. Wright (RIP), Lady Mary Lee Mayes, Lady Doris D. Tims, Lady Tamara Bell-Murray, Lady Micaela LeBlanc, Lady Sharon Pitre-Williams, Lady Renita Lloyd-Smith, Lady Lori McCoy Shuler, and presently serving the District, Lady Karen Pinson.

There have been 17 Presidents, Lady Rose L. Casanave (RIP), Lady Marie Walker (RIP), Lady Melba Stovall, Lady Thelma T. Haynes (RIP), Lady Irma Evans - 2 terms, Lady Margaret Bacon (RIP), Lady Priscilla Green (RIP), Lady Ellen Marie Jackson (RIP), Lady Theresa A. Wright (RIP), Lady Olivia Cormier, Lady Bernadette Beals, Lady Cheryl Pyles, Lady Sharon Pitre-Williams, Lady Bettye Brown, Lady Renita Lloyd-Smith, Lady Franz Aubry, and presently serving the District Conference, Lady Barbara Williams.

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